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Perhaps a few words about myself and my musical interests. I'm a singer/guitarist/songwriter, originally from Australia, but currently living in Germany. My love affair with rock music began at 15 years old as I strummed my first tentative chords on a cheap imitation Stratocaster. I could quite literally sense the awakening of a new passion that opened the doors wide to welcome in the enchanted world of music that has continued to resonate throughout my life. Since then I've written and performed in rock bands in Adelaide, Seattle, Vienna and many locations throughout Germany.

Song writing has been a powerful creative outlet for me to generate guitar-driven melodies coupled with lyrics which reflect my journey through: adolescence, cultural relocation, human frailty and triumphs, finding my soulmate, and becoming a father.

I draw my musical inspirations from rock & pop artist including: Fleetwood Mac, Nirvana, Carol King, Crowded House, Jimi Hendrix, Marvin Gaye, You Am I and Radiohead just to name a few.

Playing and writing music transports me into a realm where universal dictates don't apply. I create my own rules and release myself into a world of original music. I can't claim that my songs will take you there too, but I genuinely hope that you find some enjoyment in listening to them.


Michael Sanderson - til we part - what you mean to me

2-song CD out now!

CD purchase possible via Bandcamp for €5. With your purchase, you receive free digital files of the CD tracks.


  • Thanks for coming along to the gig

    Thanks to everyone who came along to the gig and especially to the Goldene Krone in Darmstadt, who are so accommodating to local musicians.

    I put up a a couple of videos on YouTube:

    Not My Fault This Time / What You Mean to Me

    All I Want Is You (U2 cover)
  • Gig on December 2nd in Darmstadt

    I'll be playing an acoustic set of some of my original songs as well as a few covers at the Goldene Krone pub. Entry is free. Hope to see you there : )

    December 2nd, starting at 9 pm

    Goldene Krone

    Schustergasse 18

    64283, Darmstadt


  • New original tracks released

    Really happy to announce that I’ve just released a double A side with the original tracks: ‘SYD to LAX’ and ‘Stolen Glances’.
    Huge thanks go to the wonderfully talented Chemin Oh, who played piano on Stolen Glances, and to percussion maestro Luca Gehring who played drums on both songs. Both tracks were produced and mastered by Robin Wiemann at Sound Trip Studio in Darmstadt, Germany. Robin also contributed saxophone on SYD to LAX. Also many thanks to Richard Schneider who created the cover artwork. I’ll post some more of Richard’s photos soon.
    The tracks can be streamed or downloaded on most digital platforms (Spotify, Amazon, iTunes, YouTube etc.).
    I hope you enjoy listening to them as much as I enjoyed recording them.
  • New single Beautiful Girl out now!

    My new single ‘Beautiful Girl’ is out now.

    It's an original ballad blending melodic vocals, guitar and cello with lyrics telling a familiar tale of the painful longing for an unattainable and unrequited love.

    Beautiful Girl was recorded and produced in Darmstadt, Germany by Christian Spohn, who also contributed to the composition and played cello and bass guitar.

    You can stream or download the track on most digital platforms like Spotify, iTunes, Amazon, YouTube, Bandcamp and many others.

    I hope you enjoy listening to it!

  • New song recorded!

    I’ve just recorded an original acoustic ballad Beautiful Girl.

    Once the mixing and mastering is finished, it will go live on your favorite digital platforms.

    I’ll keep you posted.
  • First release out now!

    My first release, a double A-side, is out now showcasing two original tracks.

    What You Mean To Me weaves hard-rock guitar riffs with a thumping rhythm section, reminiscent of Queens of the Stone Age and Green Day. Meanwhile, Til We Part evolves from an intimate blend of acoustic guitar and personal lyrics to achieve rocking crescendo.

    Use the links to access the songs on your preferred digital platform (Spotify, iTunes, Amazon, YouTube etc.).

    CD purchase possible via Bandcamp for €5. With your purchase, you receive free digital files of the CD tracks.

    More original songs will be released soon so stay tuned.
Michael Sanderson


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CD purchases currently possible via Bandcamp